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Social Trading on MFM

Uncover the professional trading world by copying trades or be part of Provider to get followed!

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Kick-off your investment by simply tapping into the knowledge of other traders with Social Trading. Successful traders implement a handful of strategies in various situations and scenarios and it’s your turn to copy their success too.

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How to CopyTrade on MFM Securities


Choose a Trader

Choose for traders by performance, assets, number of investors and more


Set an amount

Choose a total amount for the copy - the proportions are calculated automatically

click copy

Click Copy

Click the 'Copy' button to start automatically copying the trader's positions

Social Trading with MFM Securities is seamlessly easy!

MFM Securities’s Social Trading system allows you to lay back, relax, and still generate profits via trading. An innovative way of trading – Analyse the performances of experienced traders and mirror their trading behaviour!

Social Trading from trading masters on multiple instruments to go on autopilot – when they earn profits, you earn as well!

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