Investors, Invest.
PAMM Manager, Trade.

Choose one of the above and create your own unlimited income.

Hassle-less, Profit in A Click

Our PAMM program is an investment system that entitles anyone including you to invest without having to trade. PAMM is perfect for you if you are a beginner who just started learning the basics or don’t have time to keep an eye on the markets.

Why trade yourselves when you can let an expert trade for you!

Let the experts do it for you!

See a list of offers by Masters and select one based on the risk, fees and expected profit. Invest or withdraw your money anytime!

Additional revenue for investors and managers

Assumes the Fund Manager managed three accounts:

How does PAMM works?


PAMM Concept

The concept allows investors to allocate funds to Manager that they choose who will manage these pooled funds across multiple trading accounts


Performance Fee

PAMM Manager will receive a performance fee for their trading services, a set percentage calculated from the trading gains

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The remaining profit/loss is distributed back to the investors according to their percentage allocation in the total pool of funds

Mutual Benefits

PAMM Manager

PAMM Investor